50 Creative Family Costume Ideas 2023

50 Creative Family Costume Ideas 2023

How would you like to show up to your favorite family Halloween fest as the best-dressed, most original family ever? These pages showcase cute, innovative, and creative home made costume designs. Then through the annual costume contest, more designs are added each year to spur your imagination.

The idea on THIS page is to feature costumes for your family that somehow all go together like a toothbrush and toothpaste – and floss, or peanut butter and jelly – and bread. These costumes will hopefully inspire you to get the whole family in on the fun and then submit your own photos to the Halloween costume contest to inspire others in following years – and maybe even win a cash prize!

Well, someone will win the $$$$$, why not YOU?

Here we go with several of last year’s favorites for families, below.

Creative family costume ideas: Minivan Stick Figure Family

Minivan Stick Figure Family
Sent in by Sarah to our 2013 costume contest.

This very creative family took an idea from everyday life and turned it in to a simple, very creative collection using duct tape and cardboard and black clothing. There are so many places to pick up ideas – a trip to the zoo, a hike up a trail, a visit to the supermarket can turn into knockout family costumes like the minivan stick figures.

Family costume ideas: A Christmas Story Family Costume

A Christmas Story Family
Sent in by Celeste to our 2013 costume contest.

Favorite movies and TV shows are classic favorites from which to costume recognizable characters that go together as this family did from “A Christmas Story.” Harry Potter, anyone? Of course Sesame Street. Yes, Avatar!

Family costume ideas: Nightmare Before Christmas Family Costumes

Nightmare Before Christmas
Sent in by Julie-Anne to our 2013 costume contest.

Animations and comics could also inspire your characters. Nightmare Before Christmas Disney animation even gives you a way to incorporate Santa Clause into Halloween – along with all the witches, goblins and skeletons you desire. Simply let each of the kids decide which character appeals to them the most – or maybe it will be the guy with the video camera patiently filming frame by frame. There are so many animations to choose from – Shrek comes to mind and Peter Pan – or how about Jurassic Park???

Family Halloween costume ideas: Lego Family CostumeLego Family
Sent in by April to our 2013 costume contest.

Whether your family loves Legos from building endless Lego creations or watching the Lego movie, surely some fascinating creations can be imagined from these bright blocks as this family has done with Styrofoam and paint and a few other things. It’s so interesting to see how the simplest things (a cardboard box) can be transformed. What other toys can your kids never part with? A favorite doll or bear? Why not try to replicate them so your child can BE their companion for an evening?

DIY family costume ideas: Garbage FamilyGarbage Family
Sent in by Lauren to our 2013 costume contest.

Here is another family who took their inspirations from everyday life – well that and little boys’ well-known obsession with garbage trucks. Some cardboard boxes, some paint, a little creative wiring and you see the happiest little boys in town. What are your kids’ favorite toys? Their favorite shows? Pick something, anything, and make it BIG and BRIGHT enough so that your kids too can live out their fantasies – and your family can be the hit of the Halloween parade.

These five and all the other photos below are just a starting point! Use the rest of the site too, but don’t just copy what someone else did. Think about your family’s favorite movies, cartoons, TV shows, games, brainstorm a list together, decide and then get busy together to make memories your kids will carry with them for a lifetime. Yes, mom and dad, do let the kids help…

Creative Family Halloween Costume Ideas

(Click on the images below for detail on each costume)

Family costume ideas - Starbucks Family Costume

Starbucks Family

Family costume ideas - Coolest Despicable Me Family Costume

Despicable Me Family

Family costume ideas - Monsters Inc Family Costume

Monsters Inc Family

Family costume ideas - McDonalds's Crew

McDonalds’s Crew

Family costume ideas - The Wizard of Oz Family Costume

The Wizard of Oz Characters

Family costume ideas - South Park Family Costume

South Park Family

Family costume ideas - The Peanuts Gang

The Peanuts Gang

Family costume ideas - Monopoly Family Costume


Family costume ideas - Road Signs

Road Signs

Family costume ideas - S'mores Family Costume


Family costume ideas - Duck Dynasty Family Costume

Duck Dynasty

Family costume ideas - Wreck-It Ralph Family Costumes

Wreck-It Ralph Family

Family costume ideas - Beehive, little Bee and Beekeper

Beehive, little Bee and Beekeper

Family costume ideas - The Simpsons Family Costume


Family costume ideas - Harry Potter Family Costume

Harry Potter Family

Family costume ideas - Lion Tamer Family Costume

Lion Tamer Family

Family costume ideas - Family of Mimes

Family of Mimes

Family costume ideas - Day of the Dead Family Costume

Day of the Dead Family

Family costume ideas - Labyrinth Family Costume

Labyrinth Family

Family costume ideas - The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf

Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf

Family costume ideas - Adventure Time Family Costumes

Adventure Time Family

Family costume ideas - Milk and Cookies Family Costume

Milk and Cookies

Family costume ideas - Mickey Mouse Crew Family Costume

Mickey Mouse Crew

Family costume ideas - Up! Family Costume

Up! Family

Family costume ideas - Dr. Seuss Characters Family Costume

Dr. Seuss Characters

Family costume ideas - The Queen and her Royal Guards Halloween Costume

The Queen and her Royal Guards

Family costume ideas - Dragon, Knight and Princess Halloween Costume

Dragon, Knight and Princess

Family costume ideas - Beauty and the Beast Family Costume

Beauty and the Beast

Family costume ideas - The Laundry Crew Family Costume

The Laundry Crew

Family costume ideas - Star Wars Family Costume

Star Wars Family

Family costume ideas - Ace Ventura Pet Detective Costume

Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Family costume ideas - Napoleon Dynamite Family Costume

Napoleon Dynamite Family

Family costume ideas - Zombie Family Costume

Zombie Family

Family costume ideas - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Creative Halloween Costume

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Family costume ideas - Beetlejuice Family Costume

Beetlejuice Family

Family costume ideas - Rainbow Family Costume

Rainbow Family

Family costume ideas - The Incredibles Family Costume

The Incredibles

Family costume ideas - Voodoo Family Costume

Voodoo Family

Family costume ideas - Family Game Night Costume

Family Game Night

Family costume ideas - Scooby Doo Gang Costume

Scooby Doo Gang

Family costume ideas - The Family Farm Costume

The Family Farm

Family costume ideas - Ninja Turtle Family Costume

Ninja Turtle Family

Family costume ideas - Woody's Roundup Gang from Toy Story 2

Woody’s Roundup Gang

Family costume ideas - Family Freak Show

Family Freak Show

Family costume ideas - Avengers Family Costume

Avengers Family